A Man Of Understanding- A Story About Mahatma Gandhi

The man of understanding knows what it is to agree, despite differences. Even when he does not agree, he respects the other person. He never indulges in back biting. He does not compare himself or his partner with others. He forgets his ego. He practices what he preaches.
PravsJ- A Man Of Understanding- A Story About Mahatma Gandhi
There is a touching incident in the life of Mahatma Gandhi. One day, a mother came to him saying, ““My child suffers from a kidney disease. The doctors have asked him to refrain from eating salt, but he does not listen. He is devoted to you and will gladly do your bidding.”
Mahatma Gandhi said to her, ““Bring your son to me after a week!””
After seven days, the mother and son met Mahatma Gandhi, who requested the little boy not to take salt. The boy immediately agreed.
The mother was puzzled with the story. She asked the Mahatma, “Why he did not give the advice a week earlier?”
Mahatmaji said to her, ““When you came to me last week, I used to take salt with my food. I said to myself that before I could advise another to refrain from eating salt, I must do it myself. This whole week I have refrained from eating salt and so feel qualified to give the advice.””
It is very easy to give advice to others. It is very easy to tell your partner to do this or that. But if you do not practice what you preach, no one will pay attention.