Officer Talks Distraught Woman Off Ledge of Towering Bridg

It was tense-time 200 feet above San Francisco Bay as a California motorcycle cop inched toward a woman sitting on the edge of the Bay Bridge, apparently contemplating suicide.
Fortunately, Officer J. Maya was also a trained Crisis Intervention Trained (CIT) Officer — and had nerves of steel as strong at the cables suspending the bridge.
Officer Maya borrowed a tow strap from a wrecker, tied one end around his waist, the other to a bridge railing, and went out to help the woman after she failed to respond to questions from Maya and his partner, Officer Ribergaard.
Standing over the icy waters of the bay below, he used his training to talk the woman into following him back over the railing, and she was taken to a hospital.
“We are extremely proud of our officers for risking their lives and for saving a life,” the California Highway Patrol posted to its Facebook page along with photos of the rescue Wednesday.
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