Abous Us

We envision a world in which people treat each other with respect and kindness, where we consider the Earth to be our home to care for and to enjoy. And we see that this world is in the process of emerging.

People are sick of waking up to what’s wrong in the world. It’s time for a change.

In an age of bad news and depressing social comparison, we launched Coreoo with one goal: inspire people. Good things happen every day, and we’re here to tell you about them.

Positive News is a reflection of this widespread movement and tells its powerful stories.Coreoo is here to make you feel inspired with the best inspirational stories, quotes, good news, inspirational messages and much more daily inspirations and daily motivations.We are here for enlivening your mind and soul.We are here for inspiring you for a better tomorrow.

Our Philosophy

Doing good is a state of mind that can accompany every action and shine through every thought. Doing good starts from within, so even the smallest smile can change something in your life and make a difference in the reality of the people around you. 

Ultimately, we believe that a critical mass of people who want good, think good, speak good and do good can generate positive transformation in the world. Sounds good, right?

How we go about it

To activate people’s goodness, Coreoo shares content to engage good doers with the many wonderful ventures on the web. In turn, you can pass it on, raise public awareness and get involved.


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